Avoid Eating Banana, If You Have Any Of These 5 illness, It Will Only Make It Worse

Bananas is loved by many because it is delicious and easy to it. Despite it’s global acceptance, it is essential we know its side effects. Whatever has an advantage also has it’s disadvantage or side effects.

There are certain illness or medical condition that doesn’t welcome the consumption of bananas or excessive eating of it because over consuming can reverse all the benefits that banana may have to offer.

Below are the following illnesses to watch out for:

1. Dental Problems

Bananas can cause tooth decay. Banana is known to have high glycemic index, because it contains natural sugars, and sugar is a major cause of tooth decay.

The acid from eating, too, many bananas can eat away your tooth enamel, further damaging your dental health. If you come from a family with history of dental problems or you are already diagnosed of it, then it is advice able you eat little or no bananas to avoid worsening the condition

2) Constipation

People who are found of having constipation should avoid eating unripe bananas because they contain a lot of starch, which makes it difficult for the body to digest properly. Bananas also contain a lot of fibre pectin that draws water from the intestines. It can make you even more constipated if you are dehydrated.

3) Digestive Problems

Excessive fiber may cause Digestive problems. Eating reasonable amount of bananas brings moderate amount of fiber which is good for your digestion. However excessive consumption will lead to large quantities of fiber in the body which can cause abdominal cramps, gas, bloating. In fact, excessive fiber may interfere with your digestion and absorption of minerals like calcium and iron.


People who are obese or trying to reduce weight should avoid eating bananas are high calorie foods. They can cause weight gain.

5) Diabetes

Diabetic patients should avoid eating bananas because it has high glycemic index. Eating bananas can cause a spike in blood sugar level especially when taken in excess.

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