Nigerian Government In Trouble As UK Plan To Do This To Them After Their Debate.

On October 20th 2020 is a year that will not be forgotten in the mind of Nigeria and it’s youths entirely .

The deployment and killing of innocent Nigerian protesters at the Lekki toll gate has been an event that is rising so much questioning and investigation from both local and foreign communities.

The fact that the Nigerian army are denying an involvement in the killing of the armless protesters is what is creating so much confusion and investigations.

The international communities believed what the Nigerian army did is what they called massacre because according to the rules of engagement (ROE) in the military, you can only strike when you are attack with weapons but on this regard, there was no attack.

The UK Parliament are debating to sanction Nigerian government & army officials who participated in the #EndSARS human rights violation. 

The Parliament has insists that the Nigerian officials and army should be denied of any form of enjoyment and liberties they deny their citizens at home in the UK

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